Teach yoyr child to swim ebook/ Thank you for my new-found confidence!

by Megan

Hi Dale

Although aged 34, I have only recently started learning to swim and I would just like to say how fantastic I have found your ebook that demonstrates teaching your child or yourself to swim.

Your ebook promotes a calm and peaceful swimming ethos and I found it easy to navigate for each new stage of ability and technique.

I have realised that learning to swim need not be a chore or a struggle, that it is really all about applying the correct techniques and becoming accustomed to the water around me.

I would recommended your book to anybody considering learning to swim, whether they are a child or an adult as I have thoroughly enjoyed feeling myself improve and gain more confidence week by week.

Maybe it could also help those who know they can swim already but would like to streamline their style?

I used to be uncomfortable handling my child in the water but now it is second nature. I now feel confident to assist teaching my 3 year old son to swim. The way you suggest using animal shapes to show the correct positions is very child-friendly and inventive...and it's making learning to swim so much more fun for him - Charlie can hardly wait to get to the pool these days!

So thank you for enabling us to finally have a true family outing to the swimming baths together!

Kind regards


Thank you Megan for your kind comments,

it is true you must make swimming fun for the children. It shouldn’t be a chore to go swimming. It also makes it more enjoyable for you.

I’m glad you found it so useful and I’m sure others will find your comments interesting too.... all you need is the knowledge and the rest is time and patience with some understanding once you get some equipment.

Good luck with your future teaching of your children, if you have any questions you can contact me again anytime.
Thanks again Dale :)....

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