Teaching children swimming the fully illustrated guide, at last after two years in the making it has finally arrived you can learn swimming online

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Teaching children swimming can be quite a daunting process, it can be the lack of information that can be your failure, with the knowledge of swimming instruction you can go to the next level, confidence and the skill can only come from you or your child.

You cannot download swimming confidence but it would be quite clever if you could, my eBook/pdf is a text file that you can refer to at anytime and then take it into practice in your local pool.

The book refers to teaching children swimming to swim but this book can be used to teach adults as well as  yourself, each swimming practice has illustrated photographs about 150 to explain what is being said, it covers subjects such as babies, toddlers, to adults as
well as water skills learn swim games and swimming equipment. Advanced float practices and more.

Teaching children swimming /yourself

The instructions in teaching children swimming go into a lot more depth than the pages on my site, that is just a taste of what can be achieved, if you if you want to ask any questions about my book before you purchase as well as feedback for people who have brought it who want to share their comments about it.

This book can be used as an extra supplement to your child’s swimming lessons or even if you are trying to improve or learn yourself.
For the price of this download you could not have a tenth of a private swimming lesson where I work, which when you think about it can you put a price on learning or teaching your child to swim.

So if it is a supplement to you or your Childs swimming lessons for teaching it or for yourself you will not be disappointed. If you have liked my site which I have put a great deal of work into you will love my book.

It took about 2 years writing it as well as taking all  all the photographs of the children.

Taking part in the photographS are children who I have taught myself, and the parents are taking part as well to demonstrate how easy you can do it, giving lots of swimming tips.

Also if you are not happy with your purchase and you do have a genuine reason although I’m pretty confident that you will not, I will refund you in full without any hard feelings.