Teaching freestyle

by Giles healey
(Monterey, ca usa)

I am trying to figure out if your book would help me teach my son to improve his swimming. He is 8 years old and can swim freestyle across the length of a 25 yard pool without stopping. I want to help him improve his technique and endurance. I personally do a lot of open water swimming and would like to get him swimming with me.

Would your book help us?
Thanks, Giles

Hi Giles,
Thanks for getting in touch, there many are sections in my book which give in more detail than my web site does the web site is only a taste of what I have to offer. The answer to your question is simply yes, there are sections which include practice to improve all of your strokes...for the more advanced, drills for freestyle etc, all With illustrated photographs..at the moment I’ve reduced the price to £1.49 I checked for you and it comes to $2.41 and if you are not happy I will refund your money with no questions asked.......

Hope you come to the right decision....thanks for getting in touch and if you have any more questions please get back in touch....

Dale :)

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