thumb first entry dangerous and ineffective

Thumb-first entry is no longer taught as it causes a dangerous internal rotation of the shoulder. Flat hand entry is how all Olympic swimmers swim - this is not a problem with aqua dynamics because of body roll and if you angle your fingers downwards at entry it sets up a better catch.

Thanks for your submission, I afraid you didn’t leave your name. Yes I’ve looked on the web site you gave me the link for, yes it’s quite interesting, but one thing must be recognised that, the site is not saying it is no longer taught, thumb first entry is the way the arm should enter the water. The site is suggesting that if you are swimming more than 3200 strokes per hour, this would only apply to a club swimming constantly swimming and training every day, try not to mix this with an adult or child who is learning to swim and only goes on an occasional, basis, it could take some time till they achieve thumbs entry first. When teaching yourself or child or keeping fit you are unlikely to be doing this many stroke per hour constant, so this is nothing to worry about, if you are on the other hand a club swimmer its worth looking at this site.
I am an ASA swimming instructor and I have always been taught the thumbs first entry is the correct way to enter the water and I have been teaching for 13 years and never been advised of anything different years and I have never before heard of anyone complain of this, but I’ll be interested in anyone who has if they want to contact me and the amount of swimming they do.
So to all my readers out there please carry on the thumbs entry into the water when learning to swim and if you are swimming more that 3200 strokes per hour it would be worth going onto this site to read more to prevent injury.
Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying you are wrong but my site is not about club swimming and swimming in the Olympics it about learning to swim for learners and parents teaching their children and the technical aspect of the different stroke and learning from each other’s experiences.

Thanks again for your comments and I look forward to hearing from anyone else who has problems with the thumbs entry first,

Thanks again Dale :)

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