Timed swims freestyle

by Kourosh

I highly appreciate your assistance

I am a 22-year-old guy who has been out of the pool for about 8 years.
I used to practice water polo professionally when i was a teenager.
right now it has been 5 months that i have started practicing again and I’m in the pool 3 days a week swimming between 3 to 4 kilometres within 1:45 to 2 hrs. So far, i have dropped something about 25 seconds in 100 meters free style; right now, i swim about 1:20 in 100 meters freestyle in training. is it possible for me to reduce my record something about 20 seconds if i keep on practicing?!
I badly want to swim 100 meters freestyle about 1 minute,(or even 2,3 seconds more would be acceptable) in order to be qualified once again for some specific water polo teams. or because of my age and being out of the pool for 8 years you think that i am wasting my time?

Kind regards


Hi Kourosh,

It’s really encouraging to hear about such hard dedication. I would be the last person to say you are wasting your time. I believe that if you want something bad enough and you work for it it is always achievable.

I think you should go for it and keep training until you achieve your goal....practice...practice.....and more practice..is the key...

let me know how you get on id love to know....

Dale :)

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