Treading water / deep end and nerves when swimming

by Flipper

hI Dale,

I'm a male/52yrs of age/very nervous..Learned to swim starting 2 and half years ago..
would love to complete full length of 50mtr pool but my nerves are holding me back...
took me long time to get over my fear of water/shallow end...
my problem is I know I can stand up in shallow end/floor, if something goes wrong.
that psychological/no floor under you, treading water first step in conquering that problem..Building confidence.

Hi Flipper,

Treading water is the first step to building confidence in the deep water, what if you had to stop suddenly or someone knocked you, splashed you or swam into you? You need to tread water to able to combat these problems.

Have you read my page about treading water? Here's a link you can copy and paste to find it quickly...:)

As to swimming in the deep, is it possible to swim along the left or right side of pool so that if you feel un-confidence you could grab the side?

I would also suggest that you started from the deep end first. Firstly to get the deep end over and done with and secondly if you feel like you need to stop you stand a chance of being in your depth. This will increase your confidence it think?

So to summarise, I think if you practice more and learn to tread water your confidence will increase. As long as you feel fit enough to complete the complete 50m in one go. Swim along the side if possible and start from the deep...

I hope this has been helpful to you and please get in touch again if you have any more questions...

Thanks for getting in touch...

PS.. I don’t think your real name is flipper hehehe!!!!

Dale :)

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May 22, 2013
Treading water / deep end and nerves when swimming
by: flipper

hi dale,

my name(FLIPPER),if only i had him in the pool with is taken from famous tv show of the 70's..haha

this week i am going to give it a try..treading going to start where shallow and deep end meet..there is a ramp, which i will stand on the edge of, i will just step back and start treading water..
i will be near side bank and in full view of lifeguard..if i get nervous i will just step forward back onto shallow end.
pool i go to has a floor that can be raised and lowered, according to pool requirements..

Hi flipper,

thanks for your feedback, im pleased that you have got back in touch. Best of luck and let me know how you get on, I'd love to know how you are getting on. :)

Dale :)

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