treading water techniques

by Wayne
(Fairfax, VA USA)

Do you have any additional tips for treading water? I struggle to do this. My entire class was able to do this except me. I have a hard time getting the kicking to work. I don't feel the water with my legs at all.

It feels like my legs are just moving through the water instead of pushing it to provide lift.I can scull a little bit by positioning myself like I am sitting in a chair and NOT kicking, but I cannot provide enough lift to get my head out of the water this way.

I have managed to get my head out of the water very briefly, 1-2 seconds by doing a fast, hard flutter kick, but I start to sink quickly because this is tiring.

I cannot get the breastroke kick or eggbeater kick at all. The bicycle kick sounds easy, but when I do it, nothing happens.

Are there any really easy ways to get treading water to work?

Thanks for your time.

Hi Wayne,
Thanks for your question, seems like your having some trouble. I assume you’ve looked at my page about treading water here’s a link if you have not.

Treading water does take some practice, try holding two floats one in each hand or use a woggle and practice kicking your legs....perfecting the best leg kick you find the easiest. This can be done in shoulder depth water you do not need to practice treading water in deep water. Then keep trying your arms and legs together. There is no easer way or alternative for treading water. If you can swim breaststroke then you will be able to kick breaststroke legs downward towards the floor, personally this is my own preferred technique when treading water.

I hope this has been of some help...if you have any further questions please get back in touch
Dale :)

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Apr 26, 2014
Treading Water
by: David Martin

Reading the comments on this page really helped me improve my treading water technique, thank you. This site i find quite useful for general tips and hints to improve my stroke. I have purchased your ebook recently and that makes good reading, its easy to understand without jargon. It has helped with my 4 year old daughter the methods that give to your readers are easy to understand and are realistic and acheivable.

thanks Dale keep up the good work

Dave Lancs

Thanks for the positive feedback....its nice to know that readers are finding my website useful and my book is making a differnce....

thanks again

Dale :)

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