tumble turns

by Dorothea Barnes

How do you do a tumble turn? I have tried for 5 days and I keep on rolling
Sideways. Or, if I don't, my nose hurts and I unroll.

Please help.

Hi Dorothea,
Thanks for the question, tumble turns in basic terms are simply somersaults against the wall then push off the side. Using the power from your swimming stoke you use the momentum to throw yourself back the other way so you do not need to stop.

You should practice to do somersaults and breathe out hard through your nose to prevent water going into your nose that will solve the first problem...

1. Fist practice rolling over and standing up as well as working out how far to the wall you need to start your turn. Try to get your head down fast.

2. Make sure you get the balls of your feet firmly planted on the wall, about shoulder width apart. Imagine you are about to jump off the floor, if your feet are too close together you will not use your thigh muscles effectively.

3. practice spending as little time as you can in contact with the wall, once you have place feet on wall bounce away from the wall as if you are jumping, don’t turn to your front before pushing off.

4. Once your body is pushing off the wall get into streamlined position as possible with one hand on top of the other, shoulders pushed up and tops of your arms tight over the sides of your head. Feet together and pointed toes. Don’t swim too deep or you will slow down before you can get to the surface and start swimming. Practise to find a comfortable compromise for yourself. Don’t swim too deep....

These are some teaching points to think about, hope this is ok for you if you have any questions please get back in touch ...good luck let me know how you get on

thanks again

dale :)

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