what games can I play with total beginners to give water confidence?

by Julia
(Northern Ireland)

On your equipment page it says that you will tell us games that we can play while using animal shaped floats etc, I can’t find that page on your site. Could you give me some suggestions- I have lots of different floating objects and sinkers but I’m not sure what games I can play.

Dear Julia,
Thank you very much for your question. It’s nice to see parents taking so much trouble to teach their children to swim. Shame all parents don’t do the same.
In regard to your question I do have a page called learn swim games, here is the name of the page, you can copy and paste or copy it out, http://www.swimming-techniques-learn.com/Learn-swim-games.html. On that page you will find the animal games you were looking for :)
The reason you could not find it probably is because it is not on the nav bar to the left of the page it is at the bottom of all the pages with the table of contents. Sorry about that, I do try to make my site as easy as possible to navigate though.
I do have also a eBook/pdf file that is exactly what you are looking for, it shows you how to teach your child to swim starting from the very basic to the more advanced, it does include games more than is on my website that is simply a taste of what you can do. There are games using hoops in different ways as well as using different floats and toys. It also tells you how to teach your child to swim yourself using the floats mentioned on my website.
It’s only £4.79 which you couldn’t have half or even a third of a private swimming lesson for that where I teach. If it isn’t what you are looking for simply let me know through the same method as now just click on the contact me on the nav bar and I will happy refund your money. I can’t say farer than that Julia :).
Here is the address of the page http://www.swimming-techniques-learn.com/teaching-children-swimming.html or go onto my site again and click on the nav bar which says buy eBook.
Thank again Julia
Dale :).

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