When to let go?!

by Emma Wilkins

Hi there

I took my daughter (now 18 months old) for "lessons" from 17 weeks old for 3 months and we have just been ourselves since then and played around a bit.

My question is, I let her jump in from the side, I always catch her, but when you I step back and let her move about on her own a bit she will still Jump in and surface herself?!

Any tips would be welcome x

Hi Emma,

Thanks for the question, it’s a difficult one, you say when she jumps in she moves about a bit and you want to know when to grab her in case she goes under? She seems to be happy to jump in on her own and surface herself as long as she is happy doing this I can’t see anything wrong as long as she isn’t choking when she reaches the surface. I would make sure she is always supervised though you don’t want her doing that when there's no one around to support her.

All you need to do is no encourage her to go further and kick her legs and use her arms in a doggy paddle style. Use swim floats to encourage leg action and arm action. There are plenty of pages on my website showing you how to do different practices for young children to get them started...

She seems like she’s going in the right direction and progressing well. I’m glad to see you are taking her swimming seriously and you are been taking her at an early age. That is probably why she is so confident at such an early age...Keep up the good work, if you have any further questions to ask me please get back in touch.

Let me know how she gets ,on she seems like she will do very well....

Thanks again

Dale :)

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